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Helping people generate a better and more sustainable retirement income

SuperEd is focused on helping super fund members plan for their retirement and take the actions necessary to achieve a better and more sustainable income in retirement. We do this through the provision of affordable online advice solutions encompassing forecasting, education and coaching, planning, advice and personal investment management.

We’ve reviewed the best practices for quality online advice provision from around the world and have built the next generation solution for Australia.

Online intra-fund advice

To lift engagement and cater for members’ different needs, SuperEd have developed an intra-fund advice module. The intra-fund advice module provides simple, personal advice on a range of topics.

Member engagement platform

A core goal for SuperEd is to empower super fund members to make better investment and financial decisions. Our Member engagement platform does this through comprehensive coaching and an embedded a financial literacy program.

Personal investment management

Every person is different, so SuperEd provides an individual investment strategy, not a one size fits all model. And because our solutions spans super accumulation as well as retirement drawdown, we’re solving for the sustainable retirement income objective without interruption.

Retirement income forecasts

An accurate retirement forecast can engage super fund members and help them to understand their likely retirement outcome, even prompting them to take action to improve their outlook.But it’s important that the forecast is meaningful and easy to understand. SuperEd’s forecasting tool provides super fund members with a range of likely retirement incomes, so they can better understand their financial future.